CommonWealth Kitchen Joins UGBA

August 11, 2022 — Earlier this summer, we announced in our Investor Report that CommonWealth Kitchen (CWK) has joined the Ujima Good Business Alliance, joining seven other mission aligned enterprises in the group.

CommonWealth Kitchen’s mission is to “transform the local food economy by strengthening capacity, creating connections, and unleashing the collective power of diverse entrepreneurs to start and grow successful food businesses.” We at Ujima are delighted by their acceptance of our invitation to join, and share their excited enthusiasm around exceptional food and business practices.

Photo of Sweet Teez Bakery, courtesy of CommonWealth Kitchen

Joining the Alliance, as many may well know, is a a rigorous process that involves compliance with our 36 Good Business Standards. CWK shines exceptionally bright in the areas of:

  • Good Local Jobs, meaning they hire and support queer, trans, women, and all communities of color, as well as pay above minimum wage, among other great practices
  • Civic Engagement, meaning employees are allowed time to participate in civic activities like voting
  • CORI-friendly hiring policies

“Our excitement was that they hit on all the marks, and their ongoing practice is in line with what we put in our standards. The ripple effect will go further, because they work with so many BIPOC vendors,” said Community Standards Committee member Joyce Clark. “The excitement [and effects] of working in collaboration with them extends beyond just the Business Alliance.”

Join us in welcoming CommonWealth Kitchen to the UGBA! Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with the CommonWealth Kitchen team, debuting soon on our Medium. ◼︎

Learn more: Ujima Good Business Alliance | CommonWealth Kitchen



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