Investor Interviews: DaVan Johnson

Boston Ujima Project
2 min readApr 6, 2022

Partnership. Creativity. This quarter for our Spring 2022 Investor Update, we sat down with a group of five esteemed Ujima Fund Investors. DaVan Johnson is originally from Detroit, MI but has spent most of her life in Boston. She is a mother, a holistic health practitioner, and an organizer.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a mom of two and a Project Coordinator at the Boston Public Health Commission. My hobbies include radio and writing. I’m also the co-founder of E.U.U.N.I (Empowering, Uplifting, Uniting, Networking, and Inspiring). We help bring people together in a safe space which allows for community members to express themselves and seek counsel.

I learned about UCB when Eric was knocking on doors and inviting members to UCB meetings. I started going to meetings and eventually had a chance to become a network leader.

UCB has really mastered their model. They bring people together and provide opportunities for community members to network, learn, and grow. Community members are rewarded for the work that they already do and encourage new members to become more involved.

Why did you decide to use your UCB rewards to invest in the Ujima Fund?
I believed in Ujima’s mission: community members having the power to invest in local businesses led by communities of color. I really wanted to learn what it was all about and how it worked. I really loved having the opportunity to invest into something that could benefit the community that I live and work in.

What is your personal vision for a more connected and engaged Boston?
My personal vision for a more connected Boston is a Boston that is able to work together for the greater good and utilize resources — people — responsibly and effectively.

How do you define wealth building?
Wealth building to me is managing money effectively, and investing in the future by creating multiple streams of passive and non passive income streams.



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