Kush Groove Joins Ujima’s Good Business Alliance

Kush Groove, co-founded by Michael Pires and Marcus Johnson-Smith,has been here for a while. After launching as a clothing and accessories store in Mission Hill in 2011, they were a fixture in the local skate and college scene: sponsoring concerts, product appearances on celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, and hosting events at their brick and mortar location to build an audience and community around their work.

Now, they’re bringing their edge (and good business practices!) to the Ujima Good Business Alliance. We applaud their efforts over the years, and share pride in some of their outstanding business practices including:

  • CORI-friendly hiring practices

“With Kush Groove, this is why we exist. They are smart young men who have really leveraged themselves into different aspects of what they do as a brand,” says Community Standards Committee member Luis Cotto. “After having our questions answered, we focused on their Roxbury and JP locations. It’s an awesome opportunity to have standards be emulated in multiple locations.”

Join us in welcoming Kush Groove to the UGBA!

Learn more: Ujima Good Business Alliance | Kush Groove



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THE BOSTON UJIMA PROJECT is organizing neighbors, workers, business owners and investors to create a new community controlled economy in Boston.