Community Capital (COCAP): Building The We Economy & Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Conferences Recap

Last week, Ujima staff spent five days in the Bay Area (San Francisco & Oakland) presenting the Ujima model at several conferences on community economics, impact investing and neighborhood development. Everybody we talked to — from organizers to impact investors — were excited to learn about Ujima’s model, the first community capital fund to give local residents decision-making power through direct democracy.

At the conferences, we also had the chance to connect with some visionary leaders from around the country working to center the leadership of people of color and to build inclusive and equitable economies in their communities. We are excited to grow these partnerships with like-minded folks from around the country, as part of the larger movement for an equitable and regenerative economy.

See below for more information and photos from the conferences!

Ujima! Director Nia Evans presenting the Ujima model at the Community Capital Conference (COCAP), “Building the We Economy” at the Oakland Impact Hub, Oct 9–10. From left, Ashara Ekundayo, Chief Creative Officer at Impact Hub Oakland, Jessica Norwood, Executive Director, Emerging ChangeMakers, Nia Evans, and Jenny Kassan, Founder, Jenny Kassan Consulting

Reparations! Nia Evans and Lucas Turner-Owens with local black leaders in the Bay Area working at the intersection of capital and social justice. From left, Daisy Ozim, Dr. Joi Lewis, Founder & CEO, joi unlimited Coaching and Consulting, Nia Evans, Lucas Turner-Owens, Konda Mason, Director of Impact Hub Oakland, and Ashara Ekundayo

Visual notes from the CoCAP Conference that highlight Ujima’s vision at the bottom right, together with many other exciting models.

For a higher resolution PDF of the notes, visit:

Ujima also facilitated a panel at the Social Capital Markets Conference (SoCAP) on investing in place to build economic opportunities for communities of color.

At Social Capital Markets (SOCAP), Oct 11–14, Aaron Tanaka (right) leading a conversation with (from right) Oscar Abello, writer at Next City, Jessica Norwood, Kevin Fanfoni, Investment Officer at Calvert Foundation, and Lucas Turner-Owens.

We experienced some beautiful art around Oakland, here’s a few photos — including a cartoon from a thought leader and friend in Oakland, Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) Director Janelle Orisi.

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